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hatter smile
...the first episode of season three for supernatural is called "The Magnificent Seven".

as in the old western in which like, four or five of the "seven" die before the end of the movie. I refuse to watch it, and my mom is still angry with my father for making her watch it, as she constantly loves to remind me. "well, why don't they call it the dwindling magnificent cowboys that slowly die before the end of this movie, except less melodramatic."

so yes. I was fairly entertained by this.

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This classic western was one of my faves.

my dad loves westerns - I've only ever enjoyed a good handful of them (most involving Clint Eastwood, or Open Range with Robert Duvall in it.) but the few I've actually enjoyed are interesting in nature.

...and my little brother still claims that Blazing Saddles counts. which it doesn't.

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