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welcome to my mind.

please excuse the mess I've made inside.

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so, does this make me sad?
hatter smile
I'm obsessed and have been checking ebay non-stop looking for Chevy Impala's in my price range. does this make me weirder than the rest of the people on the planet? 'gads, I hope not. really, really, really hope not.



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im thinking your just as crazy as me when it comes to that car....and im 16 years old. :]

theres this car show every weekend where i live and they have like 6 or 7 Impalas down there and i go down there and stare at the cars and try to con whoever owns into letting me test drive them. :] haha i love that car. :]

[groans] We just had the route 66 this past weekend. Impala is top three for groan-worthy classic cars. along with camaros and bel-airs.

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