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A Queer Yuletide
hatter smile
Author: Masqued
Title: A Queer Yuletide
Pairings: A few are in here, but the prominent focus is Sea/Kale.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic sex (male), snogging, nudity and language.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter. Man, bites.
Summary: It’s Christmas and thanks to Seamus’ girlfriend, he and Kale’s lives start to change – for the better.
A/N: I totally blame Sneaks for this, because she inspired me to do it. So ha.

A Queer Yuletide

There was snow everywhere – everywhere and Seamus loved it. It was growing in its copious amounts all over the benches, tables and chairs that sat underneath unopened umbrellas in Diagon Alley, where their girlfriends had dragged him and Kale. Ginny Weasley bobbed around in front of them, chatting animatedly with Alex Gauthier, who was pointing happily at a few of the open shop’s windows as they passed. Seamus strode over to a nearby bench and balled up a thick snowball and tossed it straight at Kale’s head. Kale turned around, balled up just enough snow as well, and tossed one back at Seamus, but missed and hit Ginny; a four-way snowball war started – and no one was safe. Seamus would hit Alex, and would get hit by both Ginny and Kale. He’d hit Kale, and he’d get hit by… well, Kale. He’d hit Ginny, and he’d get hit by Ginny and Alex. But if he got hit, more people just hit him. He felt like this was completely unfair and began to complain loudly about it while being beaten by a barrage of snowballs.

“Hey, guys, c’mon!” Seamus put his hands up in surrender and waited for everyone to toss the snowballs onto the floor. Just as Ginny – his enemy as of late, because of the snowballing – dropped her snowball, Seamus picked up a bucket that was sitting next to one of the awnings, filled it up with snow, and poured it onto Kale’s head, causing the brunette male to chase him down the alley, screaming obscenities and threats of death by sharpened spoon (something that tended to be a common and yet oddly casual threat between the two). Finally, Kale tackled Seamus against a wall down one of the alleyways – dark, gloomy, Sea couldn’t figure out why he’d come down it in particular – and the brunette glowered at his friend.

“You got snow in my fuckin’ hair, you git,” he growled, but the way his head was inclined, it seemed more like he was going to kiss Sea more so than anything else.

“Aw, Kale, c’mon sweetie, leave him alone – he was only fooling,” Alex rioted through her laughter and Kale’s eyes glimmered – for a second – before he dropped his friend with a laugh. Kale strolled to his girlfriend and pulled her to him, muttering something into her ear and causing her to blush in his arms for a moment. Ginny rolled her eyes and grabbed Seamus by the hand, as he’d taken to standing and gaping, and jolted the other two from each other. The foursome started walking again toward the plethora of shops, Ginny still mentioning different things to her friend as they did so. The blue-eyed redhead was looking around into each shop, her reddened nose up against the cold windows as the things she swore to Seamus he needed to buy for her mesmerized her. Seamus’ lips grew into a smile as he let himself get dragged alongside his girlfriend, his feet letting him be taken into whichever store he chose, while Alex linked her arms with Kale and the two cuddly companions strolled down to a warm sweet’s shop. Seamus’ eyes fell on his best friend and his girlfriend for a second – only for second, really, as he watched the snow form as a halo around their heads – and smiled before being pulled into a lingerie shop.

“I want this!” Ginny proclaimed, reaching from a rack and waving a lacey, red velvet lingerie with soft, white bra cups and a tiny matching Santa’s hat. Seamus wasn’t sure if his cheeks were red from the cold or from the slight embarrassment he felt from his girlfriend flaunting the lingerie in front of him, but he remedied it by pulling her to him harshly and relieving her smirking lips with his own, quickly opening them with his tongue as she moaned and dropped the red lace to the floor. His cold, red fingers slid over her cheek as his left arm looped around her coated waist, dragging her closer to him.

“Anything you want, kitten,” he told her in a soft, husky voice, before dipping down and picking up the lingerie from the floor. A store worker was eyeing the snogging couple with ill-contempt, her eyes narrowed angrily as she saw one of her merchandise items fall to the floor between them, but snapped her nose into the air and moved along once Seamus had picked it up and placed it back onto the rack. Ginny sent the woman a stuck-out-tongue once she turned, causing Seamus to laugh before putting his gloves back on and dragging his girlfriend across the way to the sweet’s shop Kale and Alex had disappeared to. The door jingled in an obnoxious way as they entered and Seamus sent the small ball atop of it an angry glare before practically falling into a seat next to Ginny and across from Kale and Alex.

“Oh, lovely for you two to join us,” Alex kid, her eyes roving over a small cupcake that was in front of her. Ginny’s eyes lit up as soon as she saw the devilishly purple frosting and the cream filling and sent Seamus a pouted-lipped look, puppy eyes included. The cupcake looked like the vilest thing Seamus had ever seen, and at the cupcake itself he sneered, but as soon as he saw Ginny’s eyes and lips, he dove in for a quick kiss and then nodded.

“All right, go head, get one.” Seamus sighed after he spoke, though, as she disappeared with Alex in search of the cupcake – the perfect cupcake – to eat, a mental imprint of her kiss of thanks on his cheek all that was on his mind. At least, it was all that was on his mind until he felt a hand on his knee. His eyes shot up for a second, an brand new blush crawling over his cheeks as he turned to look at his best friend, who’s eyes were trained on the two girls that were easily disappearing into the crowd. “Kale,” he queried, his dilated, lustful eyes questing for an answer from his friend. Kale did no such thing, though – he merely continued to watch the girls until the emerged from the throng of little kids, cupcake in hand.

“Thank you so much, hon, this is so delicious,” Ginny cooed just as Kale removed his hand from Seamus’ leg. Seamus knew what that hand had meant, practically itching to crawl up his jeans, but he wasn’t going to make notice of it; his girlfriend was practically spooned against him as she licked at her frosting.

“You’re welcome, love,” he sighed happily and kissed the top of her head as he continued to watch her eat. The cupcake itself lasted a full two minutes or so before it had been completely devoured, and Kale and Seamus paid for their greedy girlfriends (jokingly, just as the two girls whacked them both) at the counter before braving the freezing weather and the snow-covered outsides. The weather filled the air with all different sights and smells and Seamus found himself being dragged all over to get hot chocolate, to get warm cider, to listen to a freezing band that braved the cold to play right under an awning. He loved it, though, as he draped his arms around Ginny’s waist and pulled her to him, swaying to the soft stand-up bass that was being plucked at so very gently.

Alex was curled against Kale as the rested against a wall, watching comfortably as the band played. Seamus eyed the two for a moment, but they were mumbling to each other, laughing, kissing and acting just as cuddly as they usually did. Seamus’ arms wrapped tighter around Ginny’s waist and he nuzzled her neck, giving the pale flesh a gentle peck in the process. Ginny shivered beneath him and curled tighter to his body, her eyes trained on the band. Snapping fingers caught their attention and Ginny and Seamus both looked to Alex, who was tapping her wrist expectantly, Kale chuckling beside her. Ginny sent her best friend a glare and a laugh before pulling Seamus by his hand to the Apparating spot.

“Well, love, it’s time for me and Alex to go home. We need to get everything set up for the Christmas Party,” Ginny mumbled softly and pulled Seamus into a tight, warm hug and a passionate kiss. “I’ll talk to you later,” she cooed before dragging Alex from Kale’s lips to the Apparating spot, and the two disappeared with a crack. Seamus laughed slightly before turning his shivering gaze to his friend.

“Ready to go home?” He asked, walking to the spot.

“Oh, shut the fuck up,” Kale chuckled and Apparated with a crack, leaving a laughing Seamus to do the same.


Kale hated Christmas. All right, well, that was a bit of a lie. Okay, so it was an enormous lie. But he did hate a specific part of Christmas – shopping. Oh, how he loathed it. People were always so bloody busy, running around with a crazy amount of things to get and to do and it just irritated him. He loved being lazy, sitting on the couch with his girl and his best friend and playing cards, or talking, or anything other than shopping really. It was actually his least favourite thing about the holiday – bloody shopping far too much time. Sure, the girls loved trolling the alleys for clothes and special presents and baked goods, but all Kale could thing about was cozying up to a fire or sleeping on the couch because he was too drunk to stand. That’s what mattered to him, as weird as it all sounded.

“Kale, get your ass in here and help me wrap,” Seamus called and Kale put his coat up onto the hanger.

“Oh shut the fuck you, you bloody asshole.” Kale smirked through his answer and made his way into Sea’s bedroom, laughing at the sight of boxes and wrapping paper everywhere. “You’re a git, you know that?” His laughter rang out in the room and Seamus, without even looking up, gave his friend the middle finger while with his other hand, began to search for one of the rolls of paper. Which one was it he was looking for again?

“Oh all right, gimme some of the presents,” Kale succumbed and flopped onto his friends bed. Seamus tossed one of Alex’s presents to Kale, as well as some cheesy wrapping paper, and set to work on one of the presents in his lap. Kale’s eyes studied Seamus for a second – running down from his sandy hair, to the nape of his neck, to his broad shoulders and lean body, to his ass, where he let out a very silent whistle. “You know,” he started, clicking his tongue all the while as he pulled at the paper in his hands; “You know, you’re quite the distraction.” A blush rose over Seamus’ cheeks and Kale bit his lip to keep from laughing – his plan had worked.

“Just shut the fuck up and wrap, would’ya?” Seamus didn’t even bother looking at his friend; he knew if he did he’d stop wrapping and move to the bed instead – and right now, he didn’t need to do that. He needed to wrap. The presents needed to be finished. Christmas was two days away. He moved his hands over the box and wrapped like a mad man.

“Oh, why don’t you shut the fuck up, Sea?” Kale muttered. Now when did Kale move from the bed to behind Seamus? He didn’t even know, really, but he did know that the way Kale’s breath felt against his ear was too much to handle – especially now that he was whispering sweet things into his ear, his hands tugging at the hem of Seamus’ shirt. “Hmm, shut the fuck up already, you git,” Kale muttered before forcibly turning Seamus and throwing him onto his back and straddling. “And stop the fucking wrapping,” he groaned, leaning down harshly to take Seamus’ lips into a deep, passionate kiss. Seamus moaned beneath his friend’s lips and hips and hands and sighed into Kale’s tongue as it plunged into his mouth, causing Seamus to angrily grab at his best friend’s shirt. Within moments, he was on top of his best friend, pulling his shirt over his head and sucking harshly at Kale’s neck. Kale groaned for a moment, his fingers being guided by passion beneath his friend’s shirt, and eventually – somehow – the two were shirtless and pressed against each other, Kale moaning as Sea sucked at his nipples and nipped at his jaw.

“F-fuck, Sea,” Kale moaned before grabbing aforementioned boy’s head and kissing him harshly. Sea’s hands drifted to Kale’s belt loops and he made quick work of his jeans and tossed them to where their shirts had been discarded. Kale’s fingers ran down Sea’s sides for a second and he pushed his friend over so he was on top again – all this while not breaking the kiss – and then picked him and blindly strode to his bed. Kale moved his lips over Sea’s neck, sucking and nipping, causing moans to float down from Sea’s lips as he slowly ground his denimed hips against Kale’s.

“Someone’s happy to see me,” Kale chuckled, his hand running over the slight bulge in Sea’s jeans, causing the sandy-haired boy to groan and bite his lips – oh god was he happy to see him. He’d been happy to see him since two days ago in the sweet’s shop with Kale’s hand on his knee and being pressed against a wall, Kale giving him that look. Seamus groaned again and arched his body off the bed – and somehow, with the fluidity of this movement, his pants came off and joined the pile next to Kale’s and his shirts.

“Kale, shut the fuck up already, a’right? Shut the fuck up and fuckin’,” he groaned and arched into his friend that was now straddling him, who’s hands were softly sliding down his chest, that were fiddling with the rim of his boxers. He sucked in between his teeth as he felt his friend’s hand slide over the harsh bulge in tenting his boxers, causing Kale to chuckle and lean down to give said tent a light suck. “Kale, don’t you fuckin’-” Seamus was cut off by Kale’s lips on his and his friend’s hand groping him through his boxers. Gasping deeply in surprise, Kale took advantage of his friend’s now parted lips and slid his tongue over the other, emitting his own moan.

Kale slithered his hand over Seamus, softly stroking in a firm grip, causing him to moan again – he loved it when he did this to Sea, he loved having this power, and he loved the power a harsh, hot glare of Seamus’ had over him as well. When Sea had laughed that soft chuckle after chucking that first snowball two days ago, he practically had to fight the urge to pile drive the guy into a wall. He sucked on his lip for a second, groaning as he felt Sea squirm beneath him and his hands. Suddenly, and without really any warning whatsoever, Kale found himself being completely stripped of his boxers and there were lips on his – oh God that felt good. Seamus’ tongue was softly licking him, sucking at the head and then, without any real warning, was taken completely into Seamus’ mouth.

“Fuck, Sea,” Kale groaned, his now complete frenzy of passion making him immobile. Sea took advantage of this and flipped his friend over so he was on top, sucking him off in a way that caused Kale to arch and clutch at Sea’s head, mumbling things about a great mouth, great lips and so many other things that became incoherent eventually. Sea was too busy sucking and licking and nipping to notice anything else, really, so he just continued his work. Slowly, and with a pop, he pulled his up from Kale’s lap and grinned a huge, Cheshire grin, causing Kale to scowl. “Sea… mmm,” he was cut off peaceably by Sea’s lips on his, his tongue working his own as Sea replaced where his mouth had just been with his hand, moving up and down slowly, growing in pace until suddenly, Kale stopped him. “Wait, let’s…”

Sea smiled and kissed Kale again. “Shut the fuck up and do it, coward,” he cooed before being forced and flipped onto his back. Kale laughed and nibbled on Sea’s neck before tearing down his friend’s boxers and grabbing some lube.

“Oh I’ll make you shut the fuck up, I will,” Kale countered, his lips growing into a sharp smile before he placed the lubricant all over his erect cock. He grinned again and threw Sea’s legs over his shoulders before slowly entering him. Usually there would be preparation in this area, but Sea and Kale were so far gone and had done it so much they didn’t care; need and passion was need and passion, end of story. Sea groaned and arched against Kale, waiting for him to start moving. Kale’s movement sped up fairly quick and without control, Sea took his own cock into his hand and began to relentlessly get himself off, watching Kale drive into him. “Fuckin’, fuckin’, fuck!” Kale groaned as he came, hitting Sea in just the right spot, and causing said friend to be thrown over the edge as well. Sea chuckled as Kale pulled from and flopped next to him, pulling his friend to his chest.

“You’re a good fuckin’ wank, Sea,” Kale joked before taking a deep taste of Sea’s lips. The sandy-haired boy pulled away and looked down at his hands for a second.

“Oh shut the fuck up, I gotta shower,” he declared before hopping off of the bed – in his complete naked glory, mindfully speaking – and disappeared into their joint bathroom. Kale threw his legs over the side of the bed and waited for running water to throw his head into his hands. This was the same thing that happened every single time. The two would get unbelievably horny, would take it out on each other, make sweet, hot passionate… fucking, really, and would then distance themselves from each other for fifteen or twenty minutes before becoming stupid best friends all over again.

“Hey, you git, get my soap from the sink?”

Kale smirked to himself, pull on his boxers and pants, and disappeared into the sink. “Shut the fuck up, you,” he glared at the shower curtain before throwing the soap bar over the metal curtain-holder.

“Ow, you shut the fuck up, git, and get out, I’m getting clean.”

Kale chuckled again and sauntered out of the room, muttered a few cleaning charms on the bed, and started to wrap up his girlfriend’s presents like he’d originally meant to.


“Oh, Seamus, get over here,” Ginny called, her finger curled as she pointed to the mistletoe above her head. Amidst the many different people cluttering the room, Seamus tried to make sure to not get deterred. Ginny snatched him quickly and smiled before pulling him into a soft, tender kiss and Seamus’ arms wrapped tightly around her waist.

“Hey, cool you two,” Draco Malfoy called. Seamus pulled from the kiss and pressed his forehead to Ginny’s.

“Why must he always be here?” His question was met with a giggle.

“Because Harry loves him, duh,” Ginny replied, turning to her gay best friend who had a very snarky looking blond Slytherin sitting in his lap. “Besides, it’s cute.” Seamus rolled his eyes and groaned before kissing Ginny quickly on the cheek again.

“Ginny, great party,” Kale started, amid his laughing and drinking down champagne. His cheeks were red and hair was mussed beneath his Santa hat, and Alex was snuggled comfortably under his arm, laughing along with his mindless jokes. “You and Alex did a lovely job, really, lasses.” He grinned from ear to ear and pulled his girlfriend into a warm, champagne doused kiss. Alex pulled away and smacked Kale’s chest playfully.

“Hush, you,” she giggled and curled under his arm again. Seamus chuckled and started to scan the room for anyone he hadn’t seen in a while. Luna Lovegood was curled under a smiling Blaise’s arm and she looked up to wave and smile at him. Caitlin Kasawaga was laughing at a long-winded yet seemingly hilarious joke Fred Weasley was telling (all while giving her kisses on the nose) and caught sight of Seamus and Ginny and smiled happily with a wave. A few others were dotted around the room, laughing and having fun generally.

“Hey, Kale, give me your jacket,” Sea said, snatching his own off of his body. Kale pulled his off without looking at his friend and all the while telling a poor, sexist joke (the same one he always told) to the smirking girls around him. Sea chuckled and pulled their coats over his arms and disappeared from the room and down one of the hallways of the flat. Opening the door to Ginny’s bedroom, he found two people already occupying the room – heavily going at it, of course – and he quickly tossed the coats on the floor, muttered his apologies and shut the door behind him. Watching Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley make more and more babies wasn’t one of his favourite pastimes, but he still smirked and chortled as he made his way back into the living room.

“Aha, there you are, you git,” Kale said while slapping his friend on the back with a laugh. Sea slapped him in the back of his head with a chuckle.

“’Ey, shut the fuck you, git,” he replied with a laugh. Out of nowhere (although Sea believed Draco started), a few taunts and ‘oohs’ came toward Kale and Sea, who offered the occupants of the room confused expressions. “What, like I haven’t hit Kale before,” Sea said, laughing along with Kale, who seemed equally as baffled.

“No, you imbeciles, you’ve got mistletoe over you.”

Kale paled slightly, but still managed to laugh. “Like I’m gonna snog this git,” he chuckled and, though unnoticeably, looked awkwardly at his best friend, looking for some help. Seamus shrugged his shoulders and looked at the crowd.

“Should we?” A cheer erupted in response. Seamus chuckled and looked to his best friend. “May as well give them what they want,” he added before pulling his taller friend’s head down and meeting his lips in what was supposed to be a quick snog.

Of course, Kale was near smashed, so what should’ve been nothing, turned into full out snogging, tongues and all, in front of everyone. First people were shocked, but then everyone cheered – including Alex and Ginny – as they just assumed the two best friends were putting on a regular show for everyone, like usual. But inside Seamus was something he hated feeling – lust for his best friend, as his tongue roamed Kale’s mouth, lips and equally velvet tongue. Kale’s hand was on the back of his head as was his on Kale’s head and the looked as though they were going to start swallowing each other when Kale pulled away with a laugh and pumped his hands in the air. Seamus turned – only for a moment daunted – and bowed.

“Thank you, thank you,” Kale cheered and ran to his girlfriend; ‘Now snog me before I turn gay on you,” he muttered, pulling his girlfriend into his arms and snogging her senseless. Seamus strode to Ginny’s side and kissed her softly, causing her eyelids to flutter closed. She pulled away from him with a smile and a glint – a glint he couldn’t identify – in her eyes. Seamus furrowed his eyebrows but Ginny just leaned up and pulled him into an abrasive kiss, diverting his attention.

The party went on as it usually did; loud, fun and as crazy as always. A few people handed out Christmas Eve presents and wine was opened and dancing was started in the middle of the room. But for some reason, Ginny suddenly seemed different to Seamus – different in a way he couldn’t pinpoint. He was sure she’d tell him later, though.

“So, you like men, Finnegan?” Draco Malfoy, for once, was sitting on Harry’s lap or snogging said bespectacled boy into the couch. Seamus turned, completely thrown off.

“Oh, that? That was just your regular show for friends, Malfoy. Git.” He chuckled and walked away, fully knowing that Draco’s narrowed eyes were attached to his retreating back. He just needed to shake it off, really – because no, he didn’t like men. Kale, yes, men, no. There was a significant different. And it wasn’t really like, or anything… it was just attraction, and a good fuck.

Well that’s what he kept telling himself anyway. He downed another glass of champagne and the party started to slowly dissipate. Kale left telling Sea he had to get to bed for work and that he wouldn’t wait up for him even if he asked. Sea just punched him in the arm and started to help Alex and Ginny clean up. Eventually everything was clean and Alex said her goodnights to her best friends. The blonde disappeared into her bedroom across from Ginny’s and the two sat together, sipping wine and watching the cackling fire.

“You know, at first, I thought it was nothing,” Ginny started to say, looking into her wine; “That I really had no reason to be worried, no reason to think anything was really going on. But little things, Sea, little things, would tick away and I would notice them as though they were blaring signs.” Seamus looked at his girlfriend for a moment, even though she was still staring at her wine. “And don’t think I don’t believe you don’t love me – I know you do, just not like the way I love you.” Seamus sat up straight.

“Now, Ginny, what on earth’s got you thinking like this?” He questioned, draping his arm behind her on the couch.


Seamus swallowed loudly. “Look, Ginny, it was just a snog; people wanted it to happen, you know?”

Ginny shook her head slowly. “It’s not just about the snog, Sea. It’s about the glances, the brushes of hand to hand, the smiles, the touching – everything. I… well, I know you guys are lovers.” Seamus’ breathing seemed to stop for a second. “Or fuckers, or whatever you want it to be, Sea. I just know the two of you are it.” Seamus leaned forward and clasped his hands, deep in thought. “I’m not mad at you,” she cooed, softly running her hand over her back. “Or him, although I will be if he’s honestly just using Alex like she thought in school.” Sea shook his head. “Good. But you need to talk to him.”

He stood up abruptly. “Don’t you think I’d like to? We’ll… fuck, or whatever you want to call it, and then for a few minutes we ignore each other, and then go back to being good old Sea and Kale.” Ginny nodded her head for him to continue. Seamus sat back down and put his face in his hands. “I don’t even know how to categorize what the hell I feel for him, because he’s been my best friend for years.”

“And your fuck buddy.”


Ginny ran her fingers from his back and into his hair, massaging it softly. “It’s okay, Sea, things like this happen,” she cooed again, snuggling against him. Seamus sat back up and put his arms around her and his chin on her head.

“You know I love you, Gin,” he said, nuzzling her neck; “And you’re fuckin’ gorgeous, and an amazing girlfriend.” Ginny nodded and looked up to him sadly.

“But that’s just it, Sea. You don’t know what’s going on with you and Kale – but it’s going on, and that’s what making things so… difficult for me right now.” Seamus nodded his head agreeably and sighed, resting against the back of the couch as Ginny snuggled into him. “You know I love you, right Sea?”

“Yeah, I love yo too, Gin,” he smiled into her hair as he pressed a kiss there.

“Well, up. Up and out, I say; you need to talk to him.”

Seamus groaned and curled up closer to Ginny. “Oh no, no you don’t, don’t turn into a Drama Queen on me. Get your arse off my couch and go talk to him, git,” she laughed and pushed him up and out. Seamus chuckled and pulled her too him for a second and gave her one long goodbye kiss.

“Thanks Gin.”

“Yeah, yeah, go.” She chuckled and closed the door. “Fuck.” She leaned her back against the door and sighed. “Fuck.” She hugged her hand to her chest for a second and sighed. “Best fuck I’ve ever had and he’s gay.” She laughed. “That’s my luck for you.”

“Don’t worry, there’s more fish in the sea.”

Ginny shot up from her slouch and turned to see a puffy-eyed Alex in her nightgown, playing with the hem.


“Shh, it’s okay. I already knew too.”

Ginny’s knees buckled and she pulled her friend into a hug. “Well, at least we’re both okay with it.”

Alex nodded. “But are they?”

Ginny sighed and tugged her friend by her hand toward their rooms. “Well, we’ll have to wait to find out.”


“Fuck, ow,” Seamus groaned as he bumped his head on the coat hanger. “Keep missing,” he groaned before watching his coat fall from the hanger and onto the floor. Again. He groaned again and pulled it up and onto the hanger – he hated being drunk. Sighing, he gave up as it fell to the floor again and walked to his room tiredly, massaging his scalp all the way. He kicked open the door and started to unbutton his button up and reached for the lights when suddenly he was grabbed and thrown against the door. “Fuck! Kale is that-”

“Shut the fuck up, Sea,” Kale growled before kissing him harshly.

“Kale, wait,” Sea tried to say, but was cut off as Kale continued the onslaught of his lips. Suddenly, different fingers were unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it from his shoulders. Giving in – for the moment – Sea reached for the back of Kale’s head and pulled him to him harshly, growling as Kale pulled him into his arms and onto the bed. “Kale,” he tried again as soon as their lips separated, but Kale’s mouth was on his nipple and his chest and he arched against his friend’s – lover’s – lips and ministrations. “Oh, Kale,” he moaned under Kale’s tongue rolling his nipple around. Seamus clutched the bed sheets angrily and moaned as Kale’s lips went down to his bellybutton and then followed the trail of his fingers as they unbuttoned and tore off Sea’s jeans and boxers.

“Doesn’t take much for you, does it, Sea?” Seamus growled as Kale smirked in the darkness. For the first time, Sea looked at Kale and at his appearance and he realized – the git had been naked the entire time without him noticing. Now he felt flesh on flesh as Kale leaned down and took Sea into his mouth, pumping his erection against his tongue. Seamus clutched at the sheets again with one hand, the other hand in Kale’s sweat-matted hair as he bobbed up and down over Seamus’ sweat-gleaming body. Sweat formed on Seamus’ head as he moaned Kale’s name among obscenities and softly began to fuck Kale’s mouth – which seemed to be going along all right for his counterpart.

“Mm, fuck, gonna come,” he moaned but Kale continued to suck and suck and lick and oh God. How was Sea going to be able to talk to him after this? The thought was a fleeting one as he felt himself come inside his lover’s mouth, Kale swallowing and licking away all the while. “Fuck, Kale.” Seamus groaned as he felt his entire body go limp. Kale crawled up and over Seamus’ body, hovering inches from his face.

“That’s what you get for snogging me so well tonight,” Kale murmured before licking away some of the sweat on Seamus’ neck.

“Kale,” Seamus started. His voice cracked. “Kale, about tonight.”

Kale pulled up quickly and chuckled. “Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s nothing.” The brunette stood up and swung over the bed, readying himself to get off the bed. Seamus grabbed him by the shoulder and shoved him back down onto the bed and straddled him.

“No, Kale, that’s just it. It isn’t nothing. It’s everything. Everything that’s running through my head, the way you look at me sometimes, the way you touch me when you’re handing me the fuckin’ tea in the morning.” Seamus chuckled as Kale squirmed underneath him.

“Sea, what the fuck are you saying?” Seamus squirmed on top of Kale, avoiding his friend turned lover’s eyes.

“I’m saying this isn’t nothing, Kale. It never has been and you know it.”

Kale squirmed some more and flipped his friend over. “’Bout time you realized it, git,” he smirked and took Seamus’ lips with his own. “Alex owled me before you got here.”

Seamus stared, wide-eyed, for a second. “You’re not scared out of your fuckin’ mind?”

“Shite, Sea, of course I am. Aren’t you?” He chuckled as he curled his arms beneath on top of Seamus’ chest.

“Fuck yeah I am. I don’t like blokes.”

Kale laughed. “Fuck it, me either. Now shut the fuck up and kiss me, you pansy,” he growled affectionately before feeling Seamus pull him into a harsh kiss.

All right. So they don’t quite know who they are, or what they are, or where they’re going to go with anything. Seamus and Kale have been together since before they can remember, and for some reason, taking their relationship to a sexual level – at first – made sense. Then feelings got involved, and yes, Seamus is still confused and Kale still can’t quite make himself commit to someone (or anyone), but they’ve got each other through thick and thin and when it comes to Kale and Seamus, that’s all that really matters.

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*Sigh* This was marvelously fun to read and made me smile all over.

And then it was ruined when I realized that according to LJ's new policy, this story wouldn't be allowed. Fuck. BUT I LOVED IT AND I WANT TO KEEP READING IT!!!!

What? No! Tell me, tell me you lie! =[

*Shakes her head sadly* Go check out my two most recent LJ posts. It's very, very true. And after reading this excellent fic, I'm even more angry about it.

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