hatter smile

welcome to my mind.

please excuse the mess I've made inside.

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so it's been awhile.
hatter smile
I've not exactly updated on here personally in quite some time, so I thought I would for the sake of myself (and the possibly-reading lj-pals I've got out there.)

life... it's pretty lame, so to speak. aside from the fact that I adore my job at B&N at the moment. well, only slightly adore it, as they've officially kidnapped me from books and have forced me to stay in the cafe until the hot coffee burns away whatever is left of my music-loving, book-needing soul. there seriously is an awful lingering taste in my mouth now-a-days at the mere mention of coffee. but their sandwiches are pretty nice, and the passion tea isn't so bad.

just wish my best friend would get back from being sick, as she's such a bloody mess what with that tooth having been pulled and her face all swollen. but soon we'll be sipping away at some white zinfandel and maybe some red, watching brokeback mountain and anything else that has adorable, sappy and yet mangsty stories for her and I to feast on in our self-betrothed loneliness.

well. not really.

so, I've got a new obsession with reading Sam/Dean and Jensen/Jared fiction lately. it's all a little overwhelming and substantially irate because now all I want to do is try out for American Idol, get famous and force both Jared and Jensen to marry me.

or at least propose to the entire CW that they should add a little-Wincester sister for the sake of drama and fun. please. I can play uber-well androgynous parts. ask not mark flynn. it will make total sense.

so now I'm off to write my family!verse fic-a-thon of sorts. which reminds me, if anyone out there wants to help be a side-along beta for this, that'd be fab.

ta, loves.


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